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Available 24/7 for FREE. A walking tour where you get to be the hero of your own adventure!


Be The Hero, Choose Your Adventure!


Why be a tourist when you can be a pirate? Or the apprentice of a hero? Or survive a zombie apocalypse?

Story City is a free app that allows you to do real-life Choose-your-adventures through the Brisbane CBD and Brisbane Suburbs (Sandgate, Dutton Park, Woolloongabba and Mt Coot-tha). Discover hidden nooks and beautiful vistas in Brisbane as you become the hero of your very own adventure.

These adventures, thirteen to choose from, are the result of the collaboration and creativity of 20 local artists, writers and musicians. By fostering local stories and local artists, Story City, and Brisbane City Council, aim to nurture vibrant communities that are proud of, and engaged with, their public spaces.

Dive into your adventure today! Download the Story City App from for your Android or Apple device now.

The world is full of adventures, choose yours.


How does it work?

Check out the Story City  video on how to use the Story City app to take your unique tour through the city.


Who is it for?

Kids, teens, families, tourists! Anyone who loves stories and adventure. Our stories range from G-M15+ in rating.


What Suburbs can we play in and explore?  

Story City adventures are available in the following suburbs:

  • Brisbane CBD
  • Southbank
  • Sandgate
  • Dutton Park
  • Woolloongabba


What are the adventures?

  • The Omicron (Brisbane CBD – written by Isobelle Carmody): You are one of the chose, quested to collect omicron to stop the invasion of our world. Will your choices make you THE Chosen One? Or will Brisbane, and the world, fall to the affected?
  • 9 Fathom Deep (Brisbane CBD – written by Kim Wilkins): A water revenant has pulled itself from the Brisbane River. Can you help Queensland’s least competent super heros protect the city from this undead monster?
  • The Haunted Falls (J.C. Slaughter Falls Mt Coot-tha): Can you help the ghost bride solve the mystery of her death?
  • The Infected (Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha): Brisbane has been infected with a deadly disease! It is up to you to find the ingredients to make the cure.
  • Curse of the Bramble Spirit (Sandgate): A ghost ship has been sighted in Bramble Bay. Discover its doomed fate and save Sandgate from inheriting its curse.
  • The Great Gabba Mystery (Woolloongabba): There’s a heist in progress under your very eyes. Catch the thief and solve the case!
  • Escape of Bloggo: Creature of the Maiwar (Dutton Park): A monster is on the loose. Will you help him? Or plot his capture?
  • The Hero’s Apprentice (Southbank): Every Hero needs an apprentice and you’re it! Can you stop the Hero stop the Dark Legion before it’s too late?
  • Deathworks – Training Day (Brisbane CBD): You’ve signed on to be the Apprentice of Death, but will you survive your first training day?
  • A Zombie Apocalypse (Brisbane CBD): The streets are full of zombies. Who will you help and who will you abandon? How will you survive?
  • A Pirate Captain (Brisbane CBD): You might be a notorious Buccaneer, but can you beat Captain Neckbeard to crew, treasure and glory?
  • Rise of the Roaches (Brisbane CBD): Brisbane is about to be taken over by brain-eating cockroaches. Will you escape the city, or find out who’s behind the deadly attack?
  • Guardian of the Nexus (Brisbane CBD): Two Artificial Intelligences have taken over the Brisbane Virtual City Simulator while you’re inside. How will you convince them to release you back into the real world?


Presented by: Story City


Be the hero. Choose your adventure! Why be a tourist when you can be a pirate? Or the Captain of an alien ship? Or survive a zombie apocalypse? Story City is a creator of locative storytelling, stories told in the location the participant is standing. Each story is accessed via our free, GPS app, which only unlocks your story when you’re in the right place. Whether they are choose your own adventures, puzzle trails, indigenous myths or historical tales, our stories are written, scored & illustrated by local artists who know their city best. As a social enterprise we work with councils, organisations and businesses to help their local creative community reach their full potential and provide an exciting, imaginative and free event for the public to enjoy. Who knows what hidden gems are waiting to be discovered in the city streets? Dive into your adventure today!

Reddacliff Place, George Street, Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia
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