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It’s time to leave your shoes and distractions at the door and embrace the total Yogabox experience in an ego-free and supportive environment. We’ve carefully created a stunning, modern space for your regular yoga, pilates and dance practice. This includes the latest ambient lighting, fresh ducted air systems, crystal clear acoustics and wall to wall backdrops of the most picturesque places on earth. We also have advanced heating for our hot yoga classes. Our space allows you to regather yourself without distraction and drift away to wherever you’d rather be.

We host a mix of yoga, pilates and dance classes to provide a varied and eclectic experience that is affordable and challenging. The nature of these classes has organically built up a community of like-minded people through our online community and local events. Our community is proud to open the Yoga Box space to everyone looking to benefit from the total mental and physical experience that is Yoga Box. We live by three elements; Be Present, Do your Best, Leave Stronger.

Being present is increasingly important in our ever-busy world; we need the ability to leave the daily grind at the door. We work hard within our community to remove mental boundaries and empower the physical being and we have found that being present can enhance all facets of life – in or out of Yoga Box.

We also believe that every person is unique, with their own individual journey and goal set. We celebrate this unique journey, and encourage you to be brave and challenge yourself to do your best. Our teachers will be there to guide you every step of the way, keeping your individual goals and capabilities in mind at all times. Mentally or physically, it’s a win if you leave Yoga Box feeling stronger. This may mean strengthening your mind by clearing mental clutter, or mastering that pose that you struggled with in your first class. No matter the achievement, we’ll celebrate your successes with you while encouraging you on to your next step.

Westfield Carindale, 1151 Creek Road, Carindale, Queensland, Australia
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$20 for 7 days

Escape to Yogabox with our $20 for 7 days offer – including unlimited access to all classes at our Springwood & Carindale or Rothwell studio. More:

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